Assigned Attorney Forms

Investigator/Ancillary Services Forms

  • Claim form: Wor​d * Excel
  • Investigator application packet

DMV Request Forms

Request Forms for Immigration Services on Assigned Cases

Memo: Responsibilities regarding immigration law issues

  • 1.5 Hour consultation form: this form must be submitted to CCD upon completion and submission of immigration law worksheets to James F. Smith, Esq. to compensate for initial consultation.
  • Immigration Law Worksheets: these forms are used to provide Mr. Smith and Mr. Todd with all the necessary information to evaluate the client's immigration status and consequences. US Birth and Naturalization Form * Generic Immigration Form​ * Immigration Worksheet for Minors * Sample Declaration (for use with ancillary services request form for immigration consultations which exceed 1.5 hours). Upon completion of forms, forward to Christopher J. Todd at  775 E. Blithdale Ave, PMB 146, Mill Valley, CA 94941 or email Christopher as an attachment.

Miscellaneous Forms

Homicide Status Reports